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No Knock Registration

By filling out the form below, I am requesting registration of the following address upon the The City of Rye's “Do Not Knock” Registry.

I understand that my address shall be placed upon a list to be kept by the City Clerk. Addresses will remain on the registry until notification to the City Clerk that the Owner or Occupant wishes to be removed. This list will be provided to permit holders conducting commercial sales pursuant to Chapter 144 of the Rye City Code. 

Residents may assert their own property rights against commercial sales by placing a "No Soliciting" sign on their property.  Please call the Rye Police Department if a salesperson does not produce a permit to solicit from the City of Rye upon request.

In accordance with the Constitution of the United States and rulings of the United States Supreme Court, please be advised that registration upon the “Do Not Knock Registry” shall in no way prohibit door-to-door solicitation by religious or political non profit organizations.

Please chose one of the of following:

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